Panda Research Review – What You Need to Know


What is Panda Research, and can You Really Earn from it? What You Need to Know

Panda research has been around since 2005 – once you’re a member, you can get paid for reading emails, filling out surveys, completing some offers, among other things. For those who aim to make some money online, it may seem like a good deal; the company does pay its members for the work they do, and what they ask you to do is quite straightforward. However, it does pay to dig a little deeper into the company and see what they are really all about. If you’re thinking about it, then this one’s for you: what is Panda Research, and can you really earn from it? Here’s what you need to know.

About Panda Research

The company is owned by A&A Marketing Inc. Incidentally, they also own and, so you’d think they have some experience in running a website. Unfortunately, they are not accredited by the BBB, so there are some issues to be noted. The site seems out-of-date and the platform is not really user-friendly – though of course, this is just an opinion and you may think differently.

Becoming a member

You’ll have to be 18 or above to sign up for this site, and unfortunately you need to have US residency to sign up. The only good news here is that you will get $3.00 once you sign up, which is redeemable as soon as your registration is complete. Bear in mind that you will be sent marketing emails, and most profitable offers will require credit card information.

Can you earn?

A realistic rate for filling up a survey is anywhere between $0.50 and $10.00 (or about £.40 to £8.00, depending on the exchange rate).

Other interesting options

You may receive emails from companies asking you to take some free offers as a test – they seem interesting but beware of shipping costs and other requirements.

The referral program

You can get more money by referring other people to the site – each successful referral earns you 10% of their earnings.

If there’s one thing we have to warn you about, it’s that the website may or may not seem completely in order. That’s not to say that the website isn’t legitimate – it just means that there are some red flags that pop up, and that we should be careful.

For example, while the company operates in legitimate circles at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any accreditation for the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the site seems a little outdated (due to their appearance as well as their copyright, which says 2005-2009). While it may be worth your time and effort, it may very well not be. Use caution, and don’t forget to checkout an InboxPays review and MindsPay review as well.


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