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6 Undervalued Chinese Stocks to Buy in 2014

The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (the “SSEC”) – the “Dow Industrials of China” – has been stuck in a bear market for almost five years. But Chinese stocks are one of the best-looking trade setups right now. Take a look at this chart of the SSEC… While the S&P 500 has gained 165% over […]

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21 Highest Dividend Paying Canadian Stocks List

Dividend stock investing in Canadian companies is a very popular strategy because these companies make up the bulk of the stock market gains in the long run and provide safe income opportunities to investors. You can learn how to invest in Canadian dividend stocks if you’re a complete beginner. Below, you’ll see a good list […]

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Top 5 Best Roth IRA Stocks

One of the most important benefits of Roth IRAs is the long term compounding effect. Basically, your money continues to earn more over time even if you don’t add any money to your retirement account. To maximize your Roth IRA returns, you need to invest in stocks that do the following things: Pay a quarterly […]

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Private Equity Investments in India Continue to Soar

The Indian economy is undergoing a huge change. The present market health has averted foreign investors from acquiring an optimistic approach towards the economy; thus creating a severe void in market capital, besides many other issues. This has further harmed the market sentiment. But in a time like this, domestic private equity (PE) firms have […]

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3 Reasons for Keeping Your Social Security Benefits Private

Ah, the time to retire has finally arrived. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops that you have successfully reached this stepping stone of life, right? Wrong. When the time comes to hang up your hat for the very last time and cash in on your well-deserved retirement benefits, announcing your retiring status to […]

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6 Best Books on Investing in China

One of the biggest things attracting investors to China is massive population and economical growth. Investors must be careful when investing in chinese companies overseas because China lacks many of the regulatory departments similar to the SEC that prevents collusion and corruption in the United States. You need a blueprint before you make your fortune […]

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Developing a Solid Financial Foundation with Long Term Investments

Opting to do a long term investment is one of the most gainful business ventures that a person can make. However, careful consideration of some factors in this area must always be kept in mind as while the potential for huge return profit is somewhat high, the chances of losing them are also there. In […]

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How to Invest in Chinese Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a great choice for many businesses and individuals. While many people understand the basics of real estate investment in the United States, it can be challenging to understand how real estate investments work in other countries. The following guide explores how to invest in Chinese real estate. It’s important […]

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Top 5 Mobile Acquisition Takeover Targets

The mobile space continues to heat up every day. Mobile apps, mobile transactions, mobile advertising and mobile devices are playing a key role in determining the value of the next trillion dollar company. Sometimes in order for a company to rapidly adapt and compete, acquisitions much take place and at a rapid pace. Google made […]

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Choosing the right personal finance money management software can be daunting in a world filled with endless choices. In this review, I will cover Mint, the preferred money management tool for InvestorTrip staff and clients. Overview Founded: 2005 Total Members: 4 million Security: Uses 128-bit SSL encryption Cost: It is completely free! On the […]

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